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Are you looking to purchase Scentsy items but don't feel like attending a home party? If this is the case then why not order online instead? Buying Scentsy products online is easy, safe and convenient.  Browse my website for warmers, bars, laundry, skin and other products and have them shipped right to your from door! If you prefer you can order over the phone by calling me at 1-888-559-2763.
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How To Shop For Scentsy Online:

  1. Click on the link above that says "Shop For Scentsy Online". You will be taken to my online store.
  2. If you are using a mobile device click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen and click on the "English" with the Canadian flag beside it and choose U.S.A english from the menu. You need to follow this step because the site defaults to Canada english and Canadian prices.
  3. If you are using a desktop or laptop click on the link that says "English" in the top right corner of the screen and choose U.S.A english from the menu. You need to follow this step because the site defaults to Canada english and Canadian prices.
  4. Once step 3 is done go ahead and browse the site. Once you find an item you wish to purchase simply add it to the cart.
  5. When you are ready to check out click or tap on the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the screen then click or tap on the checkout button.
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to complete your order.

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Shop for premium, deluxe,element, nightlight and diffuser warmers. Browse our extensive variety and find the perfect high quality warmer that perfectly matches your home decor.
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Browse the many different scent bars that Scentsy has available. Find fragrances that bring back pleasant memories, simply add a cube to your warmer and enjoy long lasting scents.
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Scentsy Laundry Products

Scentsy Laundry Products
Scentsy sells exclusive, high-efficiency formulas that clean and condition clothes exceptionally well. These products add scent to clothes that creates a remarkable sensory experience that extends far beyond your laundry room.
Scentsy Kitchen Cleaning Products

Scentsy Kitchen Cleaning Products
Our kitchen products are formulated with cutting edge cleaning technologies that help to fend off dirt. They also do a fantastic job to dissolve grime on counters and dishes.
Scentsy Skin Products

Scentsy Skin Care Products
Our fantastic fragrance and body care products for women are composed of exquisite ingredients designed to keep skin ultra-soft, supple and amazingly scented.
Scentsy Products For Kids

Scentsy Products For Kids
This collection offers fun, highly scented products specifically designed for kids. Choose from scrubby buddies, bath smoothies, scentsy bars, buddy clips and kids warmers that will keep your children entertained and smiling as they play.
Scentsy Catalog - USA

Scentsy Catalog
View the current edition of the Scentsy catalog online.
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